Tom Shea is a singer, songwriter, guitarist, and drummer who records and performs as Half Ached. A longtime presence in the Northampton, MA music scene, he has appeared on many recordings and performed with : Hoolapopper, Scud Mountain Boys, Ray Mason Band, Lonesome Brothers, as well as performing as a solo artist.

Half Ached ©2016
Half Ached ©2016

Back in 1993, Hoolapopper, with Tom(vocals/guitar), Garrett Fontes(drums) and Matt Hebert(bass), released “See Section”, a three song 45rpm on Chunk Records. The trio played packed shows at the fabled Baystate Hotel in Northampton, while appearing at the yearly Loud Music Festivals in the same town. Hoolapopper’s short, but fiery stint ended, and Tom joined Scud Mountain Boys on drums and mandolin. Signed to Sub Pop records, SMB’s released “Massachusetts” and “The Early Year” while touring the US, Canada and UK. In 1997, the SMB’s called it quits until later reuniting in 2012 for a reunion tour and 2013 release “Do You Love The Sun”.

After SMB’s 1997 demise, Tom joined Ray Mason Band on guitar appearing on seven records and playing countless shows around New England. In 2002, he also became the Lonesome Brothers drummer recording five records and performing many shows until leaving 2013 – though he occasionally still fills in on drums.

In 2014, Tom decided to get back to songwriting and performing solo. Recording casually over several months in 2015 at Cloud Cuckooland with Jim Weeks, he finished what would become his first full length release as Half Ached, entitled Strewn(Scattered). The ten songs were finished in late 2015 and released on his own label, Strewn Records.

Half Ached performs as a trio with Tom on guitar and vocals, Jim Weeks on bass and Keith Levreault on drums. Tom continues to perform solo as well as guitarist with Ray Mason Band and remains a Scud Mountain Boy.